Who are we?

Here at UE LINE INC, we've worked with the best in the industry to serve millions of products on our trucks. We surpass the inefficiencies & formalities that plague most transportation companies 

Our client case studies have become myth, our waiting list is longer than your complaints with your current carrier and we look for a very specific kind of client. 


Let UE LINE INC be known by everybody that just is thinking about delivering. 


Exceed expectations by delivering as professional as possible. 


Our Versatility of Services

We are a dedicated truck load carriers. Whether you have one skid to ship or 60 skids to ship, give us a call. We can deliver to a 500 miles radius overnight.


Commonly referred to as a „Drop Deck”, this trailer has two deck levels. The overall length of this trailer is similar to a flatbed, yet there are now two portions of deck space. The upper deck sits above the tractor unit next portion of the fram drops down to the lower deck.


These are a typical type of flat deck style trailers. They are commonly used on a wide scale due to their versatility. The flatbed trailer is an asset to any trucking company or shipper as it can be loaded from the sides, top, or rear.
This trailer length is typically 48′, 53′ or 60′ long and 8’6″ wide.


Occasionally freight will require protection from the elements, however due to size concerns and any loading or unloading requirements, a typical dry van or container just won’t do. This is when a Conestoga trailer will be called into action.


When the height of certain shipments gets too tall even for a step deck, a lowboy trailer will need to be called into action. A more official name for these might be „double drop” trailer, due to its resemblance to a more severe step deck.


Represents an enclosed box for shipping non-perishable goods. Being one of the most popular trailer types among carriers and shippers, and the ones most commonly seen on the roads. These trailers are fully closed and sealed. Therefore, freight is protected from any external influence. 

"Operating my business for 15 years I always had problems and headaches with the transportation of our products. Since we work with UE LINE INC I am able to breathe and focus on my sales more."

Tony Moore

CEO of Seal & Secure Systems 

"Honestly I was hesitant trying to delegate the transportation of our company, but now I am sure that that is the best decision that I have made in a long time.  "

Alexander Vikol

Founder of AV Operations

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